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South Sudan Economic Crisis: Presidency is both the blame & the solution

BY: Thondit Ayolcuer Majiec 

Before I could tell you how the presidency has failed to avert this crisis from occurring, let me remind some of you that our president has done some good things before things started going astray, noticeably, the followings are undeniable good things his administration has done for this nation.

Our president himself is very patient man, it was alleged that during the liberation days, he was not given lots of money that he could have used to rent for his house in Nairobi because he’s a man with vision, he wasn’t seen leading a quarrel with his boss by then, Dr. Garang.

When he succeeded Dr. Garang, he managed to ensure national cohesion for all South Sudanese, his administration managed to exist as a result national cohesion against the common enemy (Arab) and the independence of South Sudan in 2011 was achieved.

President Salva Kiir is a man of peace as evidenced by so many amnesties his administration had been giving to various rebels factions.

However, his administration went astray as evidenced by the following narratives:—

1. Failure to control economically all his executive and legislature. In my view this point is the major cause of this crisis because, if he had controlled what went into the pockets of those who’d been working with him and those large and forged withdrawals from Central bank unless approved only approved by him.

2. More importantly, if he had led by example so that his office is free from corruption and numerous thieves, he’d have averted this very crisis. His signature and stamp were reportedly forged by people who worked in his office on faked payments paid by the Bank of South Sudan.

3. It is one of the reasons that showed his administration’s lack of control. As I write, it’s reported that our nation has depleted its reserves.

4. Due to of lack of control, many people looted our nation and that was how list of 75 thieves emerged.

5. Failure to invest in government parastatals, our government has never invested in any income generating activity but instead relied on oil, no agricultural schemes established, no good roads except Nimule road, no functioning sugar plantation and sugar factory, no functioning cotton farms, no functioning simsim plantations and simsim factory.

6. Because of the education sector’s weakness, our people have their children taken to Uganda and Kenya, as I write our girls in Nairobi are called “black gold” (new term for South Sudanese Prostitutes) while they are selling themselves also in Uganda.

Is that what we fought for, are those girls not possible wives, sisters and daughters of South Sudan?

In short, the president has become friends to those few elites but not to the general public. Because of that, no one had been prosecuted for corruption by South Sudan Anti-corruption commission, nobody has been jailed leave alone recovery of the looted money.

It should be noted that all those that had been in Kiir’s administration are those with personal interests (enriching oneself, nothing more) just revisit the list of 75 thieves and you will concur with me.

For example Central bank is supposed to regulation money supply, control the value of currency through monitoring exchange rates, encourage commercial banks to lend out money to entrepreneurs or general public among others, instead it is just encouraging looting of national coffers.

One thing that has perplexed me in that emotion of appointing Dr. Othom Rago when he was part of the mess that happened in the Central bank…let’s wait for that Miracle of economic recovery with these old faces in the system.

Untimely joining of East African economic integration, I do not who advice Mr. President. Economic integrations are joined for mutual benefits but not just for the sake of joining. As I write our nation is a dumping grounds for fake drugs (medicines), expired food items, center of prostitutes for all East African prostitutes, center for all wanted criminals from East African countries.

In short there is nothing developmental from joining East African economic integration because we do not have what we could export to them in return.

Just move around Juba, you will never find any East African trader that has constructed a shop, restaurant or is involved in large scale business that employs citizens and generates a revenue to the government, they are all here to loot as much as they could and return to their respective countries.

Ever since Kiir administration came to power, there has been no long permanent roads constructed with exception of the Nimule road. The states are not connected to the national capital via tarmac roads, so the question is: what will the general public remember Kiir’s government with exception of being number two in the corruption index.

Talking of employment, Kiir administration has failed to ensure equitable employment of South Sudanese in NGO’s sector even though all NGOs are regulated and monitored by south Sudan relief and rehabilitation commission. As a matter of fact, all NGOs are dominated by few tribes.

Reliance of our nation of black market for exchanging hard currency. As I write if you walk into Forex bureaus in Juba or any commercial bank, you will not get the hard currency as the central bank’s rate, no hard currency in forex bureaus when they are meant to do the buying and selling of various currencies.

Black market now is the forex bureau that is our tragedy. It is only in South Sudan where black market is a parallel financial market. All that is the weakness of Central bank of South Sudan, instead of doing its work they are not doing their work but they are part and parcel to the flourishing of black market in South Sudan.

The last mistake that Kiir administration had done is rushing to become signatory to Human rights, our nation does not require rule of law but it requires jungle laws that used to exist during the bush.

For example when a soldier commits adultery or loots public resources, he is given a firing squad. Because of those laws, South Sudan was peaceful during war time than now. If his administration hds adopted elimination method, he would have eliminated various opponents by now and this nation would have been free from the nonsense of war now, its opponents would have been exiled, executed or lived in fear and that is what exactly in needed here.

When you are a politician, you are not like a priest, as such Kiir would have executed many of his opponents long time so that everyone listens to him, let him visit Rwanda and Uganda to understand what I am talking about.

In conclusion, I would like to recommend that the money that is to be obtained soon from donors to fight famine should be used wisely, we as general public or concerned citizens are concerned with results but not speeches or reading some good news of signing donations, aid or debts, but we care about results.

If citizens suffer under SPLM leadership, they will not forget their suffering now but remember it for years to come and this will negatively affect the party’s credibility. Everyone in your leadership seems to have forgotten what their professional ethics demand them to do but works against you by concentrating on looting.

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